Eye Donation


In the second part of mission “Sight & Light” eye camps are arranged in villages. AAS Centre selects patients needing cataract operations case by case basis and arranges in Mumbai. It was noticed that often common eye problems & infections due to poor hygiene in villages are treated by quack doctors leading to loss of eyesight.


There are approximately 1.2 million corneal blind people in India. Majority of them are young and their eyesight can be restored only by corneal transplant. This would need more than 75,000 cornea donations per year. Unfortunately due to various social & cultural myths cornea donors are limited. Generally the cornea are only available from old deaths where epithelial growth is poor and success rate of a transplant is low.

AAS Centre is working to clear the myths about eye donation and has produced a documentary drama film to encourage people both young & old to pledge their eyes after death.


A scene from “Andhere Se Ujale Tak” DadaJi (Dr Nilmani) in the train with his grand son Kothare looking outside window. Asstt script writer Asha Sharma explaining dialogues to Dada Ji.