Lighting Rural India


This is the first part of “Sight & Light” mission . The Centre has been working in select tribal villages installing solar lights and holding eye camps.


In India over 35 million people lack access to electricity. These communities mainly living in rural areas are not grid connected, or grid does not have supply due to power deficit. They are forced to light up their homes in the evenings with kerosene or other fossil fuels. Kerosene not only provides poor lighting but at the same time acts as an impediment for over all development as well as hazard for human and environmental health. The light cast from a kerosene wick lamp is poorly distributed, has a low intensity and is expensive. The poor lighting levels from kerosene lamps makes it difficult for children to study, affecting literacy and education, and minimizes the effective working hours for income generating activities. The open flame, smoke and soot from kerosene lamps endanger lives by reducing indoor air quality and increasing the likelihood of fire.


“Sight & Light“program for under privileged in villages aims to eradicate energy poverty, bring solar light to villages by displacing kerosene lamps with brighter rechargeable solar lanterns. This will facilitate children education, better illumination and kerosene smoke free indoor environment for women to do house hold chores and create livelihood for village folks. This gives an opportunity for Open Schools in the evening after the parents are back with their children from work.

Objectives of the Solar Project

1. Alleviate energy poverty. Replace kerosene lamps with solar charged lanterns, provide sola street lights & home lights.

2. Facilitate children education through bright,white and clean light

3. Empower women & increase their earning capacity after dusk.

4. Mitigate Global Warming by reduction in CO2 emissions from kerosene

5. Involve donors both from India & overseas in installing solar Lights

6. Encourage use of aluminium in solar products, a non-corrosive & recyclable metal.